Jan. 11, 1999 – Original post

“If you do not want to see me again. I would understand.”

Today, first day of the 2nd Semester, oh yeah! It was awesome really it was, well overall til let’s say 4 pm. I will not get ahead of myself here. I froze my ass off walking a mile to Gage to go to my class. Coolie class cuz it’s just like intro to college basically (aka first year experience). I’m a slacker but hey it’s a credit. Anyways there’s this nummy hottie in there named Neil. I don’t plan on pursuing him. He is just delish eye candy!

I called my boyfriend Sam in between and it was all fine until I brought up I wanted a tongue ring and he suddenly was all pissy and said he had to go.

I had one more class – public speaking – today so I went to that and the coolie guy that reminds me of Regis is in it too! His name is Nicholas Michael Angelo. Hehehe… I have a good memory! That dude is soo cool.

The teacher is cocky, young, and sarcastic. He likes to use obscenities. He is cool too.

I got a call from Sam again at 4 wanting me to come over til he had class. I get to his room and we watched the Simpsons (I love Homer *DOH*) I was talking to him too but he was totally ignoring me! It was pissing me off! I hadn’t seen him in three weeks!

Grrr I went to dinner with him too and he was ignoring me even more and I was like fine meanie and went to sit with my friends after he was done. I was soo pissed. No one can treat me like shit.

I went back to my room and ranted and cleaned and got my webcam set up. Then I called Sam and asked him why he was being a prick. He apologized and said it wasn’t me, he just had something he has to help his bestfriend over the weekend and it was occupying his thoughts and he’d try not to drift off again. I was satisfied. I’ll see him tomorrow in Urban Studies… woohoo *I hope*.

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