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Feb. 7, 1999 – Reprocessed


Almost a month gap between this entry and the last. Although I did have to spin up a real Pokemon-based blog in between. (Coded by hand in old-school HTML whuttt.)

According to “teh Google,” the term weblog (which later turned into just “blog”) was coined in 1997, but I don’t think it became a real thing until later. So I considered this my official online journal and called it “Dawn’s Daily Memorandum.” (Because of course I did.) 🤓

(Side Note: I’m seeing if there is an ‘easy’ way to do embed some really cute and quaint old web page code – stuff I’ve spun them back up locally – and it’s kind of a trip using the old frames-based blog website at 800×600 resolution.)

Original post

Feb. 7, 1999

Absolutely nothing eventful to tell you about the beginning of this particular Sunday. Actually there is nothing eventful about the whole day except I got a random call about my webcam out of nowhere.

These 4 boys I had never met before came up to see it. They were all from C-1. They weirded me out. Ahhh silly boys! Contemplated meeting Jake for something but it didn’t go through.

Oct. 6, 2019 – Reprocessing

Although the above entry is pretty short, I decided to do this one individually, as this was a one-off chance meeting that was one of those catalyst moments where if it had never happened, my life would be completely different.

For context, “C-1” meant Crawford Dorms – C wing, first floor. I lived in Crawford, D wing, 2nd or 4th floor.

Honestly am not sure exactly who all four people were, but I can guess.

One could’ve been a new guy, Jake, who had emailed me about website stuff. (I think – I literally just messaged him on Facebook as my memory is not coming up with WHY or HOW he found me on campus and got my email address pre-social media era). Although, I mentioned in the entry above trying to see him and it not going through, so maybe some mystery person visited me…

Another visitor would’ve certainly been this one (hottie) dude I had been eyeing in the dorm cafeteria line for months. He had this cute jacket with lots of patches and like emo hair (pre-emo being a thing), and I remember being like, “OMG this is the Minnesota version of Dylan…”

His name was Tanner.

(RE: Dylan – I cannot get into quite yet as he was all PRE-blogland circa 1998… so let’s hold on that for the mo’.)

Back to the reprocessing at hand… the third person may have been Tanner’s best friend, Tom. Who had coincidentally dated my then roommate at some point. Tom loved death metal, and unbeknownst to me, had been an object of ridicule to my dorm mates, although I didn’t realize that until later.

(++ In full transparency, I was literally the worst to that roommate. I don’t know what her deal was, but obviously my shit was worse, and she triggered all the things… So TLDR = I was the worst.)

Yay … sidebar explanation of shitty behavior and unresolved shit. (I haven’t got up the courage to message her and apologize since we parted ways, as it feels more for my own benefit at this point. UGH.)

Back to the entry for now… the fourth person was probably their friend, Pat. He had bleached hair that actually suited him.

Thinking more about it as I write this… if Jake wasn’t there, maybe the other person was their friend, Mitch, who became my flat-mate that summer… (Yes, another fun story to come!)

They must have been in … the Hair Club for Emos or something …


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