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Feb. 8, 1999 – Reprocessed


I was going to batch up multiple entries when they were short. But realized there is still a lot to unpack even in the short journal posts. So here we go…

Original post

Feb. 8, 1999

Grrrr. I had a really crappy Monday. There was nothing on tv and I almost missed Tom Green. Scared me whew I caught it a couple minutes after it started.

I tried to avoid everyone all day just cause I felt sick and had a bad headache.

Finally by late night a contemplation to meet Jake was once again there. It didn’t work again. Grrr!!!!!

Oct. 8, 2019 – Reprocessing

LOL at the fact I still love Tom Green, 20+ years later. I still have some VHS tapes where I recorded his shows and have gotten them out for comic relief a few times. Not sure all the sketches held up, but I chuckled watching this compilation on YouTube.

RE: Headaches and avoiding people all day. Still do that! Introverting FTW!

I’m not sure what “a contemplation” means, but I’m assuming I got so sick of laying around vegging all day and wanted to hang out with Jake.

Sidebar: Jake had a back-home girlfriend, and he wasn’t exactly my type, but I might have dated him if he hadn’t already had a GF. He was always just a really good friend. I think he was also a Computer Science major, so we bonded over code, if I remember right. (Please don’t quote me, a lot of this is trying to jog my own memory!)

It sounded like he didn’t come over to my dorm room at all, though – which would’ve been down a short hall and up the elevator from Crawford D to Crawford C where my dorm was.

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