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Feb. 10, 1999 – Reprocessed


Another Twitter-worthy shorty post. Let’s dive in!

Original post

I left a really mean message on my board for my roommate today. I really didn’t mean for her to get it but she did anyway. That was a good thing though cause she left for the night.

Meanwhile I decided to change the room around completely. It was a huge job… Jake helped me. I finally got it done at 6 am!

Oct. 18, 2019 – Reprocessing

I reprocessed this first on the fly in my video… Ooo lots of meandering confusion!

Yay! Passive aggressive party time circa 20 years ago!

I remember this day but only with a weird haze of being SO OVER IT and GIVING ZERO FUCKS. I don’t recall exactly what I said on the white board, but it was awful, I am sure of that.

I know I filed something with campus housing in an attempt to move rooms. I think they referred us to mediation, but I can’t remember if we did anything more than a short meeting with our resident advisor. Wait maybe that was part of the message – something like I reported her to campus housing – ugh. I was the worst!

(++In these stories I’m being purposely vague on what my deal with this roommate was, and all those details just turn into more excuses on why I was okay with treating her so poorly at the time.)

Also I completely moved the room around including all her stuff without her permission. (Note, she didn’t have much of anything there now come to think of it. I just remember a few bags of stuff in the closet – which I did not dig through.)

Hmmm… the lack of stuff is weird. I’m flashing back that she had maybe some bedding, a shower caddy and a few bags in the closet and that was it. Probably because her parents lived nearby or she was staying with a boyfriend. I still should’ve asked her first before moving everything around, though. GAH.

So the lesson from this entry is: COMMUNICATE WITH WORDS not PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE shit.

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