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Feb. 11, 1999 – Reprocessed


Ah, young and dumb AF. The video accompanying this one has me reprocessing this one on the fly.

Good times as I kept forgetting to use pseudonyms and had to re-record a few times.

Original post

Feb. 11, 1999

I didn’t go to sleep at all last night. I went to class and then I came back and slept in my new rearranged room. Everyone loves it in here.

I got an odd email from some guy named Tanner on C-1 that had come up to my room on Sunday. I guess he has a crush on me or something. What is with this internet stuff. Grrrr.

My friend Sandra from my hometown stopped by for a while. That was pretty cool.

Oct. 25, 2019 – Reprocessing

As I mentioned in the previous post, I decided to rearrange the entire dorm room without getting my roommates permission. Yay = No Boundaries.

So that’s why I didn’t sleep that night. And I must have been giving tours as I mentioned the layout. I had inadvertently “feng shui’d” the layout, so the vibe was entirely different. So looking back, I would’ve asked for permission, but the layout change was for the best.

The more interesting part of the journal entry, was the tidbit about some cute boy named Tanner who told me he had a crush on me.

Seriously, this was big news! I had my eye on him from afar for much of the year, which was weird as MSU had a ton of students that lived on campus. Probably because he had that bad boy musician style that I could not get enough of at the time (okay… still – Gavin from Bush is still a BIG crush even tho he be teh OLDz now).

And although, I had dated Sam in the fall, I was still annoyingly hung up on my big Oregon heart break from summer 1998. (That will probably be a novel if I ever write it out.) Tanner had many of the same qualities as Dylan (Oregon heart breaker), and so I was like YES LET’S DATE ASAP haha!

(+Side note, as you might notice, my writing skills don’t seem to have vastly improved since I wrote these cheesy 1999 entries. It’s mostly because I GNF. And maybe partially to reprocess these, I almost have to embody my past self, and so I start writing like teeny-bopper me! Who knows?)

Oooo and Sandra gets her first mention in the blog. Sandra was one of my high school friends. She was the one I would go out with most weekends when I was back in my hometown. But yikes, most of those hometown parties were so sketch. Again, those are stories for different entries.

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