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Feb. 12, 1999 – Reprocessed


Another video post I reprocessed in Malibu. Malibu was maximum vibes. I cannot. Let’s leave it at that.

Original Post

I had fun in my speech class today like usual. It is my only Friday class. I hoped to stay late tonight cause I didn’t wanna go home.

I had fun hanging out on D-3 with the boys most of the night.

I stopped back up in my room and my roommate was there. It was the first time she saw the new room. I heard her on the phone saying she would need help next week. I’m hoping that is to move out! Woohoo my own room! I hope I hope!

Nov. 3. 2019 – Reprocessing

Well fuck, it’s been a couple weeks since I got back to Portland from my transcendental experience in Malibu.

I’m pretty sure the D-3 guys were some randos that lived in the same wing of the dorms but on an all-male floor. I don’t think it was my friend, Lachlan’s room, though, as it might have been more memorable. (Lachlan was another dude I had a legit crush on since day 1 at MSU. I found out years later he was gay, and that made me feel better about not hitting on him too hard.)

This may have been the day that we drank a bunch of Apple Pucker and Sprite (ugh) and my dorm girlfriends and I hung out with some guys that came over from the university over in Madison, Wisconsin. That fits in more with my memory that anything else. College days WTF?!?

Again, glad to be over this whole roommate situation. She moved out. It was for the best, although I should’ve been less awful about the whole thing.

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