Marketing ruins everything

I really thought it would be fun to load in a bunch of past blog posts here, but I got spooked by a recent article about how AI is building vast profiles to estimate psychological diagnoses based on social media data AND blog posts.

For reals, my blog posts from 20 years ago are something else. I thought it would be fun to share them as they are more funny than anything, but as usual, MARKETING RUINS EVERYTHING.

1 thought on “Marketing ruins everything”

  1. So I was feeling nostalgic and looking at my original website tucked away on a friend’s server that was originally created around 1996 at the age of 13 on Netcom which still hosts all of my horrible, angsty poetry. Though I don’t share the link, I just can’t bear to take it offline. I used to frequent your site and your webcam was on my cam frenzy page with a link to your site. Yours is one of the few domains that still belongs to its original owner. Anyhow, I visited the WayBack machine for your site and was happy to see some of that content retained from so long ago. I don’t recall if we ever interacted directly, but I was frequently on IRC – mostly DALnet, EFnet, and freenode I think.

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