Suburban Chaos


A walk down memory lane

What is this all about?

Best dumb idea evAR

There is no rhyme or (good) reason to do this. It mostly came about from a lucid dream that I couldn’t shake.

Underground art… Real World: Suburban Chaos edition.

It’s my lost passion project – reborn after 12+ years.

And as its been so easy to get back online (like seriously ridiculously easy), I can see it definitely is a project I am in full alignment with.

It is also a rejection of the idea of running a properly curated marketing machine.

I’m taking it back old school, cringe and all, before blogs were meant to sell you shit.

This project is something that can marry the cheesiness of O.G. web design circa late 90s/early 2000s with more modern web “standards”. (Not to mention, the nostalgia factor is huge.)

Reprocessing a life lived online well before social media seems novel enough, right?

Micrograv Dawn
1998 Logo ConceptS
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