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Data dumpz

As I have 17 other projects in flight, I am going to do a big data dump of all my 1999 entries. They won’t be reprocessed soon(ish), but are still a really cringey deep dive for if you’re bored. I mostly have been playing around …

Feb. 12, 1999 – Reprocessed

Another video post I reprocessed in Malibu. Malibu was maximum vibes. I cannot. Let’s leave it at that.

Feb. 11, 1999 – Reprocessed

Ah, young and dumb AF. The video accompanying this one has me reprocessing this one on the fly.

Good times as I kept forgetting to use pseudonyms and had to re-record a few times…

Feb. 10, 1999 – Reprocessed

Another Twitter-worthy shorty post. Let’s dive in!

I left a really mean message on my board for my roommate today. I really didn’t mean for her to get it but she did anyway…

Feb. 9, 1999 – Reprocessed

Another short entry that is chock full of shenanigans and insinuations. Yikes.

I broke this single paragraph post into bite size chunks as its got a lot going on. It was far too easy to skim past the “ugh” until I read it a couple of times…

Feb. 8, 1999 – Reprocessed

I was going to batch up multiple entries when they were short. But realized there is still a lot to unpack even in the short journal posts. So here we go…

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