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Jan. 11, 1999 – Reprocessed

The entry below from Jan. 11, 1999 was the first official blog/journal post I ever wrote with the intention of other people reading it. But I don’t think I actually ever posted it online. I found it in a text file on an old cd-rom.

I always thought I started blogging back in 1998, but no, not exactly…

Feb. 12, 1999 – Original Post

I had fun in my speech class today like usual. It is my only Friday class. I hoped to stay late tonight cause I didn’t wanna go home. I had fun hanging out on D-3 with the boys most of the night. I stopped back …

Feb. 11, 1999 – Original post

I didn’t go to sleep at all last night. I went to class and then I came back and slept in my new rearranged room. Everyone loves it in here.

I got an odd email from some guy named Tanner on C-1 that had come up to my room on Sunday…

Feb. 10, 1999 – Original post

I left a really mean message on my board for my roommate today. I really didn’t mean for her to get it but she did anyway. That was a good thing though cause she left for the night.

Meanwhile I decided to change the room around completely…

Feb. 9, 1999 – Original post

T’was a typical Tuesday for me – well sort of. Did all the fun class stuff and then Jake decided to come by for some thrilling Adobe Photoshop graphic tutorials of mine while we watched Buffy and Felicity.

I suck. I don’t deny that. He was pretty cool about it though…

Feb. 8, 1999 – Original post

Grrrr. I had a really crappy Monday. There was nothing on tv and I almost missed Tom Green. Scared me whew I caught it a couple minutes after it started.

I tried to avoid everyone all day just cause I felt sick and had a bad headache…

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